” Life is full of discoveries. Small discoveries that sometimes lead to big surprises. It is these discoveries that give everyday life its charm. That is why Teamasters has taken hold of the consumer who loves the unknown. Who would rather opt for the exciting side-track than the beaten track, and who believes that little is needed for it.

The brand that takes you on a journey and tells you what you taste. You can count on it that it will be a beautiful journey, starting from the shelf you know. Enjoy it. Teamasters. Keep discovering. ”
– Steven Kleinjan.

“Teamasters is not tea for everyone. It is tea for people who like to discover a new flavour once in a while. A flavour which is not commonplace and appeals to the imagination. A flavour that not only surprises the consumer, but also his guests. That is the beauty of Teamasters. The brand will keep moving. More and more tea consumers will have their mouth full of it. What kind of flavour variants will come in the future? You as a consumer will discover it. We have plenty of ideas.”
– Robert Kleinjan